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Our family lawyers are here to support you through your legal process, whether it’s relating to divorce, property, children, or wills and estates. We’re a family law firm that’s dedicated to working to keep costs as low as possible. We’ll work to keep family matters out of court where we can and settle matters through negotiation or then mediation.

Divorce Law

We’re highly experienced in divorce law and working through all aspects of family law. In Australia, to have an Order of the Court declare you divorced you’ll need:

1. To have been separated for 12 months prior

2. To have no likelihood of reconciliation

3. To be able to show you’ve made appropriate arrangements for children

Our family lawyers will then help you through the process of completing and filing a divorce application. We can attend court it necessary and finalise your divorce.

Areas We’ll Cover Are

Property Settlements

Financial Agreements

Children Matters


Other Necessary Arrangements

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Property Settlements

It can be difficult to determine what you’ll be entitled to following divorce or separation and the law surrounding this can be complex. Our family lawyers can work with you on property settlements as well as disputes. The law works to ensure an equitable settlement is agreed upon. This doesn’t necessarily mean assets will be split 50/50.

It means that we’ll take into consideration what the future needs of both parties are following the separation as well as who contributed which assets to the relationship. For example, the law may find that the party who will be the sole carer for the children will likely need the larger house. Our property settlement lawyers can work with you to come to a fair, equitable settlement.

Custody Law and Children Matters

Our family lawyers are experienced in custody cases and creating parenting plans and arrangements. Making parenting arrangements in light of divorce can be highly stressful for both the parents and the children. We’re committed to creating a comfortable and supportive environment for our clients. Your family lawyer will always communicate openly and honestly with you. Our family lawyers care about the future of our clients and so, we’ll always work to settle these matters out of court where possible.

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Wills & Estates Brisbane

We’re highly experienced in the creation of wills as well as estate administration. Partnering with us to prepare your will, you’ll receive specialist advice from knowledgeable lawyers, as well as hands-on support. Our wills will communicate your final wishes to your loved ones clearly. We are experienced in will disputes as well and can support clients navigating these.

Our family lawyers are experienced in claims against the estate, power of attorney documents, and administering wills.

Family Law Questions

This will depend on the complexity of your situation. In divorce and family breakdowns, it is possible to apply for divorce or for custody of children without a lawyer. The legal proceedings surrounding these issues can be highly complicated and so, if children or assets are involved, it would be best to seek a lawyer. Situations involving violence, disagreements, or high emotions will also warrant a lawyer.

Property is a broad term in family law. It extends to the obvious items such as homes, cars, furniture, and other physical assets. However, the term will also extend to non-physical assets. These include: shares, superannuation, and inheritances.

Following the event of divorce or separation, the Family Law Act states that a party will have a responsibility to assist their spouse financially, should their income or assets fall short of their reasonable expenses. This responsibility can continue for a considerable amount of time after the separation or divorce.

Simply put, no. In fact, a majority of family law disputes will be solved without the court needing to make a decision. Both parties may come to an agreement together before formalising the agreement through the court by way of a binding financial agreement. Sometimes, these agreements won’t be formalised at all. However, it is typically best to have the agreement in writing and formalised where possible.

You will need to have been separated for a minimum of 12 months before applying for a divorce. The Australian Family Law Court states it needs to reasonably believe there is no likelihood of reconciliation between the couple. After you’ve applied for divorce, it takes from three to six months on average to process in Australia. Court-based timeframes will vary, however.

It depends. The Family Law Court will determine property settlements on a case by case basis, in order to protect families and keep things fair and equitable. Property settlements will involve a range of considerations including who will be the primary carer of the children and who brought which assets to the relationship. 

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Our Family Law Firm Brisbane

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Based in Kenmore, our family lawyers are experienced in working with both inner city clients and outer suburb clients, and we’re happy to travel to you to keep things simple. Our team understands the stress and pressure that often comes along with taking family matters to court, whether it’s following a marriage breakdown or a family member’s passing.

We’ll always work with you to minimise the stress and keep things on track. We also work to keep matters out of court if we can. It lessens the strain on all parties involved and it keeps costs down. Our family lawyers know life gets busy sometimes, we offer flexible meeting arrangements with after hours options.