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At Melrose Keys Lawyers located in Kenmore, we are committed to providing unwavering support for all your legal needs. Our dedicated team is here to offer continuous assistance, transparency, and expert guidance. As among the most trusted family lawyers in Kenmore, we prioritise making your journey as hassle-free as can be.

Family Lawyers In Kenmore: Your Trusted Legal Team

Navigating family law matters can be a daunting and emotionally challenging experience. At Melrose Keys Lawyers in Kenmore, our dedicated legal team is committed to minimising the stress and complexity associated with your situation, all while ensuring cost-efficiency and providing ongoing support. Whether you’re facing issues related to divorce, child custody, or property settlement, you can place your trust in our experienced family lawyers in Kenmore.

Family Lawyers: Kenmore

Situated in Kenmore, our team of Family Lawyers is here to assist you with a comprehensive range of legal needs. Whether you’re dealing with divorce and separation, child custody matters, property settlements, or financial agreements, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support from beginning to end. Our commitment to transparency and honesty ensures that you have a clear understanding of the entire process. At Melrose Keys Lawyers in Kenmore, we prioritise keeping matters out of the courtroom to save you both time and, importantly, money. We recognise that divorce or separation often involves more than just the legal aspects; it often includes children and property settlements. Count on us to be your steadfast companions throughout this journey, offering flexible consultation sessions tailored to your needs.

Divorce and Separation Family Lawyers Kenmore

Our family lawyers in Kenmore understand the emotional difficulty and sensitivity of divorce or separation. These situations often involve matters related to children and property settlements. You can trust Melrose Keys Lawyers in Kenmore to work diligently to secure the fairest outcomes in all Family Law cases. We strongly encourage attempting to settle these agreements without resorting to court proceedings. This approach not only saves you time and money but also reduces additional stress. According to Australian law, to obtain a Court Order to formalise your divorce, certain requirements must be met:

1. To have been separated for 12 months prior

2. To have no likelihood of reconciliation

3. To be able to show you’ve made appropriate arrangements for children 

Our Family Lawyers Kenmore can guide you in your divorce application, and help you in your other legal requirements such as property settlement. We’ll be able to support you throughout the entire process by providing you tailored advice and support.

Family Lawyers Kenmore: Child Custody and Children Matters

Obtaining a divorce has far-reaching implications, not only for you and your spouse but also for your children. At Melrose Keys Lawyers in Kenmore, we are dedicated to establishing a suitable and secure child custody and children’s matters arrangement, placing the utmost priority on your children’s safety and well-being. We understand that this can be an emotionally overwhelming experience for you. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with clear explanations of every step in the process, along with expected outcomes, maintaining complete transparency throughout.

When children are involved, there are intricate legal considerations and consequences to address. Our primary concern is ensuring that the outcome is in the best interest of the child. At Melrose Keys Lawyers in Kenmore, we strive to resolve these matters outside of court by offering facilitated mediation. This process allows both parties to discuss and negotiate these arrangements in a safe and controlled environment. However, if the mediation process proves unsuccessful, we will provide steadfast support and guidance throughout the court proceedings.

Property Settlements Kenmore

In the event of a divorce or separation, the division of property becomes a crucial aspect. Family Lawyers in Kenmore are here to guide you in the appropriate allocation of your assets and provide steadfast support throughout this process. In family law cases, property encompasses various assets, including your family home, investment properties, vehicles, loans, and debts. These assets may not necessarily be divided evenly.

We take into consideration several factors, such as the contributions made to the property, basic needs of the individuals involved, and, if children are part of the equation, the primary caregiver. This process can be highly stressful and emotionally challenging, so our aim is to ensure a stress-free experience and achieve the fairest possible outcome for you.

Financial Agreements Family Lawyers Kenmore

Financial agreements play a vital role in safeguarding the interests of both parties in the event of divorce or separation. It is imperative to establish these arrangements with the guidance of a qualified lawyer in Kenmore to ensure they comply with all legal obligations should such circumstances arise. Financial agreements are also commonly known as prenuptial agreements, a precautionary measure taken by couples to protect themselves in the event of a potential separation.

These agreements involve the creation and signing of a formal arrangement that outlines how the division of assets and property would occur, tailored to the preferences and needs of both parties. This proactive approach ensures that both individuals are legally protected and provides clarity and security for the future.

Mediation facilitated by Family Lawyers Kenmore

As family lawyers in Kenmore, our commitment is to empower our clients for a successful resolution. We strongly advocate for resolving children’s matters outside of the courtroom and, therefore, provide a facilitated mediation service. This approach enables both parties to collaboratively craft an agreement that aligns with their needs and preferences.

Opting for mediation instead of court proceedings not only helps in keeping costs manageable but also contributes to a significantly less stressful environment for all parties involved. At Melrose Keys Lawyers in Kenmore, we believe that working together through mediation can lead to more amicable and effective outcomes for everyone.

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Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your legal needs are handled with the utmost care and consideration. We understand the challenges that come with these complex situations, and our goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. We genuinely care about achieving positive outcomes for our clients, and you can trust us to be by your side throughout this intricate journey.

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Family Lawyers Kenmore: FAQs

Family lawyers will guide you through the process of divorce and separation, children matters and property settlement. We’ll support you throughout the entire process, facilitate mediation and provide personalised advice on your situation as well as gather information and evidence to help support your legal claims. A family lawyer has many roles to play.

Mediation occurs when a neutral third party, called a mediator, works with each party in a lawsuit to reach a compromise before going to trial. It’s the mediator’s job to point out issues in the case or areas of weakness and benefits of settling. Mediation is very common and effective in resolving most cases out of court. Even where a judge does not order mediation, parties often agree to mediate a case to resolve the dispute and save the expenses of going to trial.

To be eligible to apply for a divorce, you and your ex-partner must have been separated for 12 months. In addition, the court will need to make sure proper arrangements have been made for any children involved before allowing a divorce to proceed. You can get back together for up to 3 months without restarting the 12 month separation period. 

You can apply for a divorce order once you meet all of the necessary requirements. A divorce order typically becomes final 1 month and 1 day after it’s been lodged. The date when the divorce order becomes final is the actual divorce date.

When parents of a child under the age of 18 seperate, they each have parental responsibility for the child (subject to any court order). Both parents also have a duty to support the child financially. The Family Law Act 1975 focuses on the rights of children and the responsibilities that each parent has towards their children, as opposed to parental rights. 

The Act sets out the rights, duties, powers and liabilities of spouses and children. It provides for enforcement of those rights and liabilities as well as the dissolution of marriage. It aims to ensure that children can enjoy a meaningful relationship with both of their parents, while being protected from harm.