Property Law

Property Law relates to matters regarding land.  Predominantly this includes conveyancing, sub-division (and the registration of the new titles), and the purchase and sale of commercial properties.  If you are considering any of these specific matters, we are available to assist you individually, acting on your behalf, or as part of a professional team. For example, this may include assisting in the subdivision of land through working with town planners and plumbers, and orchestrating the registration of plots.

When engaging with us, from the outset we will provide you with an estimate of our costs and disbursements.

As the matter progresses, we will update that estimate based on negotiations on your behalf regarding the terms of the contract, special requirements of your mortgagees and other actions that may be required. For example, this may be in the event of your needs changing or a breach of the contract by the other parties involved with the transaction.

An estimate of our costs and disbursements, searches and stamp duty can be provided at the first appointment. We will advise you from the start what searches should be undertaken prior to an auction or the exchange of contracts. As your matter progresses, the estimate will be reviewed and discussed with you in regards to any changing circumstances.

A Contract for Sale needs to be prepared and provided to the agent before the property is marketed. Special Conditions can be drafted to meet your particular circumstances, whether this is a delayed settlement, or if you are selling in the capacity of an Executor of an estate.

We have acted for both purchaser and seller for many different types of property transactions and worked with the right professionals to deliver successful outcomes.

If you would like to know more about what procedures are required for your needs or how we can act on behalf of your property settlements, please contact us for a free telephone consultation.

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