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Will Lawyers Brisbane

With a team of some of the most supportive will lawyers Brisbane has to offer, we create a comfortable, organised process for your will planning and preparation.

Will Lawyers Brisbane

Your will, or your Last Will and Testament is what will inform your loved ones of your final wishes. The obvious importance of your will is that it will dictate where your assets, such as your home, cars, and money will go. However, more important considerations around your will document will include issues like where your children or pets will live and with whom, who your enduring power of attorney will be if you become unwell, and your funeral instructions.

Will Preparation

Wills are highly complex legal documents and creating these can be overwhelming. It’s taxing to think about your passing and what will happen afterwards. There are a variety of will templates and DIY guides you can find online to create your will on your own. However, it really is best to sit down with a lawyer to prepare and create your Last Will and Testament. This ensures it stands up in court and that your final wishes are met.

Things to Consider Before Engaging Will Lawyers Brisbane

You don’t necessarily need to have it all figured out before you visit us, however it is handy for you to consider your different options before you come along. Consider who you might want to be your beneficiaries: these are typically your partner or children. Consider who would be the executor of your will, the person who ensures your final wishes are met. What sentimental items do you have? Where should they go? Who would you want to care for your pets?

Brisbane Will Lawyers For Estate Planning

Again, estate planning is a taxing and overwhelming time. Our will lawyers can mitigate your stress by offering tailored guidance and support throughout this process. Your estate plan will cover items like your finances, superannuation, and beneficiaries as well as who will receive which assets and property. It will also see items like your power of attorney, your health directive, and life insurance planned for.

Will Execution & Estate Administration

If your loved one has passed away without a will, or they’ve left you in charge as the executor of their will, you may need some support from a lawyer to fulfill their wishes. Our will lawyers can work with you to complete each necessary step in this process and offer you peace of mind as you navigate through this legal process. Will executors may need to obtain a Grant of Probate or have the payment of outstanding debts and taxes handled.

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Will Disputes Handled By Will Lawyers Brisbane

Our will lawyers can support those needing to dispute a will. According to Queensland laws, you will be able to contest a will if the deceased:

  • Did not have the capacity to make a will when it was signed
  • Made the will under the influence of others
  • Or, if a claimant believes they’re entitled to more of the deceased’s estate than was received.


We’ll work with you firstly to assess whether your claim is viable and will work with you to negotiate and contest the will.

Meet Our Will Lawyers Brisbane

family lawyers kenmore

Highly experienced in supporting Brisbane clients through all matters concerning will preparation and estate planning, as well as will disputes and claims against the estate, our will lawyers can offer you better support. We work to create a less overwhelming, more structured process for you to minimise your stress.

Will Lawyers Brisbane: Your FAQs

Estate planning encompasses the planning for all of your estate. Your estate includes everything that makes up your net worth. So any property or investment properties you own, cars, money, superannuation, possessions, and the like come under your estate and need to be planned for. 

As well as that, your debt and tax owed can be inherited. Estate planning creates a fair, logical plan for all of this. It also plans around what should happen if you become sick: your health directive and a nominated power of attorney.

Your Last Will and Testament is one element of your estate planning. It’s the document that outlines where your property, assets, and finances will go as well as who will look after any of your children or pets.

These terms are often used intermittently and they do share a lot of similarities. They both work to ensure your family is protected after your passing and last wishes are met. However, they’re not the same thing. Your will is one element of your estate planning. Your will is what lays out your final wishes, like where your property and assets will go and who will care for your children or pets. Your estate planning sees considerations like your power of attorney, health directive, and other more significant plans laid out.

Estate planning is something seen as an avenue only the rich need to take. That’s not necessarily true. While we recommend adults, particularly adults with children all prepare a will at the least, estate planning is incredibly effective. It offers you more control over your final wishes and your final days and it works to better protect your family.

You can try searching by the relevant Australian Government website, which you can find here. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our will lawyers to help you find your loved one’s will.

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