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Regardless of whether you’re in need of support through divorce proceedings, children matters, property settlements, or assistance in preparing your will or estate — our Brisbane family lawyers can help.

Brisbane Family Lawyers Offering Support, Guidance & Knowledge

Family law cases can be complex and highly stressful situations. We’re a team of Brisbane family lawyers working to keep stress and costs down for our clients. We understand that in these sensitive circumstances you need a lawyer who’s ready to offer you support and guidance, and that’s exactly what our lawyers provide.

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Divorce Lawyer Support

In divorce matters in Australia, the court requires couples to prove that they’ve made necessary and appropriate arrangements for any children involved. There will typically be financial considerations and property settlements that need to be arranged in the separation as well.

Divorce Law Services with Our Brisbane Family Lawyers

Our Brisbane family lawyers are highly experienced in divorce law and its proceedings and will walk you through the process. According to Australian Law, to have an Order of the Court declare you divorced you’ll need:

1. To have been separated for 12 months prior

2. To have no likelihood of reconciliation

3. To be able to show you’ve made appropriate arrangements for children 

Usually in a divorce or separation, you will need support with the other legal aspects of your parting — such as property settlements and children matters. Your divorce lawyer will be able to support you through this offering you tailored advice and guidance.

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Property Settlements with Brisbane Family Lawyers

Settling property and making financial arrangements in the wake of a de facto or marriage breakdown can be extremely sensitive and stressful for both parties. Our Brisbane family lawyers understand this and work to offer you support while minimising your stress.

Mediation Facilitated by your Brisbane Family Lawyer

We will always recommend our clients attempt mediation first. Mediation offers couples a calm and safe space to amicably settle on those tough decisions. It also eliminates the cost of court until it’s absolutely necessary. The mediation process is facilitated by family lawyers and sees the couple identify and divide their assets — usually in line with the guidelines offered by Australia’s Family Law Act.

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Property Settlement Court Support

Property settlement is a very complicated area of the law. Sometimes, couples will not be able to reach an equitable settlement through mediation. In these circumstances, the settlement is commenced in the Family Court. Here, the court will find a reasonable settlement, taking into account who contributed what to the relationship and who will need what moving forward.

Brisbane Family Lawyers: Custody Law & Children Matters

Our Brisbane family lawyers are experienced in supporting clients through the navigation of child custody matters. Making parenting arrangements following a break up or divorce is extremely stressful for both the parents and the children. So our lawyers understand the importance of their support and how they can keep stress down.

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Mediation Facilitated by your Brisbane Family Lawyer

As family lawyers who are passionate about setting our clients up for success, we prefer to keep children matters out of court where possible. We’ll always recommend mediation first, this way we can keep costs down for you and create a less stressful environment for each party. Our experienced child custody lawyers can facilitate mediation for you.

Child Custody Court Support

Where the creation of a Parenting Plan or Consent Order is not possible, children’s matters may be escalated to the Family Court. Here, a judge will hear from all sides and make their own orders in accordance with the Family Law Act. This act ensures the best for the child.

Will Preparation & Execution

Our Brisbane family lawyers are also highly experienced in the creation and preparation of wills. Will documents need to be tight and absolute in the eyes of the law to avoid any issues down the track. We can also support family members nominated to be will executors, assisting you with any legal questions that may arise.

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Estate Planning & Administration

Estate planning can be incredibly complicated, especially if you own a lot of assets and property. Estate planning sees all of your estate accounted for: shares, investments, properties, assets, tax planning, and any other registrations, insurances, and utilities planned for. The administration of an estate can be highly complex as well. Our Brisbane family lawyers support clients through both processes, offering tailored advice and guidance as you progress.

Brisbane Family Lawyers: FAQs

Family lawyers are typically experienced across all aspects of the Family Law Act, supporting clients across issues such as divorce, children matters, financial agreements, property settlements, and will and estate planning. 

They’re able to offer advice specific to your situation, facilitate mediation, and represent clients in court. Family lawyers also take care of the behind-the-scenes requirements like evidence gathering and research.

Family lawyers represent clients through some of the most tense and stressful situations of their lifetimes. So, when choosing your lawyer it’s important to find someone you trust and feel supported by.

You can discuss your specific requirements with your family lawyer to make sure they’re a good fit for you.

Following the minimum separation of 12 months, it should take around four months from the time you apply for divorce.

When dividing property following a divorce, the law works to create an equitable division in your assets. It will take into account who contributed what to the household — this means a full-time job that pays for the bills will be factored in, as will the role of a stay-at-home parent. 

It takes into account who contributed which assets. If a property was owned by one party prior to the marriage, that’s accounted for too. 

The law then considers who needs what moving forward. This may mean the person who will be taking the children for a majority of the time will be more favourable to keep the family home.

Our will lawyers will be able to support you through the process of your will preparation regardless of how prepared you are. However, you can make things easier on the day by already having an idea of who you might like your beneficiaries to be and by creating a list of all the assets you have to plan for in your will.

A will covers just one aspect of your estate: who your property and assets will go to after your passing. Your estate covers much more. It accounts for the same items as your will, such as your assets and property, as well as shares and investments. As well as that though, it ensures all loose ends are tied after your passing. Think insurances, bills, taxes, and registrations. 

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