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About Melrose Keys

Melrose Keys Lawyers offer experienced, personal service to the Brisbane West region. Based in Kenmore we can provide assistance for a wide range of legal matters including family law and divorce proceedings, and Wills and estate administration.

The team at Melrose Keys understands that not everyone can afford ‘high end’ legal fees, which is why we charge reasonable and fair rates for our services. With us, you won’t be compromising quality service for cost. Our boutique law firm in Brisbane aims to give clients the fairest prices. We believe everyone has the right to legal representation.

Each member of the Melrose Keys team has extensive experience under their belts, translating to fantastic service. As Brisbane lawyers with roots in large city firms and major public entities that now operate a boutique business, we are able to provide high-quality legal representation without the often-associated high fees.

We’re a boutique
Brisbane Law Firm

We operate a boutique Brisbane law firm, providing tailored and personalised service to our clients. Our small team allows for one-on-one connection. We treat each matter as a personal partnership, with the principal lawyer of the firm, Adrian as the primary contact for every case or our Senior Lawyers of 10+ years experience. Your legal services will be delivered by a highly experienced Brisbane lawyer, rather than a junior lawyer under another person’s guidance.

When to hire a lawyer

There are several circumstances that may warrant hiring a lawyer in Brisbane. You may have a complex family breakdown matter that is difficult to navigate alone, or a complicated divorce that requires outside assistance. Our Brisbane family law solicitors can provide support and advice for these situations.

Perhaps you’re looking to draft your Last Will and Testament and want to ensure everything is laid out clearly for your executor and beneficiaries, or maybe you have been named an executor of a Will and are unsure of where to begin with the process. Or you have been left out of a Will or need to obtain a Grant of Probate. The estate lawyers at Melrose Keys Lawyers are available to assist with matters relating to Wills and estates.

Planning your estate or drafting your will can be extremely stressful. There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made and it can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s where our estate lawyers come in. We’re committed to supporting and creating a comfortable environment for our clients. With our vast knowledge of estates and the laws around them and our highly experienced lawyers, we can ease the stress and create an easier process for you.

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Property Law

Free 10-minute telephone consultation

Whether you have a question about a legal issue you’re facing, or would simply like to know more about the process of creating a Will, our free 10-minute phone consult will let you determine whether our services suit your needs. During this call, our Brisbane solicitors are able to give you a brief rundown of what it is we can help with and the basic process for your legal matter. For additional information and assistance, we recommend booking an in-depth consultation.

Areas we service

Melrose Keys is a firm of experienced lawyers in Brisbane. We are based in the Brisbane West suburb of Kenmore, and provide expert legal services to all surrounding suburbs, including:

As Brisbane lawyers, Melrose Keys can travel to you to minimise any added stress. We also offer flexible meeting times, including after hours options for those who cannot organise a meeting within business hours. Our key aim is to make your legal process as simple and stress-free as possible.

If you require solicitors in Kenmore or the surrounding areas, we’d be happy to lend a hand. We live and employ locals in our law firm, from lawyers to support staff. Contact us today for a free 10 minute phone consultation to get started.

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Family Law

At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we understand that family law matters can be emotional and time-consuming. Our family law lawyers aim to approach these matters in a gentle manner, with the hopes of getting the best possible outcome for all involved. From divorce proceedings to child custody arrangements, and prenuptial agreements, property settlements and everything in-between, we can provide family law assistance to clients within Brisbane West.

Local Family Law Solicitors

At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we understand that family law matters can be emotional and time-consuming. Our family law lawyers aim to approach these matters in a gentle manner, with the hopes of getting the best possible outcome for all involved. From divorce proceedings to child custody arrangements, and prenuptial agreements, property settlements and everything in-between, we can provide family law assistance to clients within Brisbane West.

A divorce occurs when a marriage is deemed to be “irretrievably broken down”. In order to complete the divorce process, the Court will need to declare you legally divorced. If you are about to begin divorce proceedings, you may need a divorce lawyer. While not all divorce proceedings will require a lawyer, we recommend those that involve children or assets consult with a legal professional.

For a divorce to be granted, you and your spouse will need to prove you have been separated for a minimum of 12 months. You must meet certain requirements and show that there is no likelihood of reconciliation for a divorce to be granted.
Before a divorce can be finalised, financial arrangements may need to be considered. If there are any children involved, you must show that appropriate arrangements for their duty of care have been made. Once all these points are met, an order of the court can then be issued to declare you divorced.

  • To have been separated for a minimum of 12 months
  • To have no likelihood of reconciliation
  • To be able to demonstrate that appropriate arrangements for children have been made

Once you have applied for a divorce, it will generally take three to six months to be processed. However, this timeframe may be longer if matters need to be settled in court. Our divorce solicitors will be able to give you a more specific time frame once we better understand your circumstances.

What if both parties do not agree to the divorce?
A divorce can still proceed without both parties agreeing to it, however, in this case additional steps will need to be taken. The family lawyers at Melrose Keys Lawyers are experienced divorce solicitors that can provide support and advice for those involved in complex separation matters.

If you have any questions about divorce processes and procedures, or would like to request a divorce application, contact a family & divorce lawyer today.

Our specialist family lawyers can help with child custody matters, including creating parenting plans and arrangements. The Family Law Act dictates the procedure for children of families going through divorce or separation. Before an order can be created, the law requires that significant consideration of issues affecting the children or child.

At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we’re committed to maintaining open and honest communication with our clients. Court proceedings can mean added stress for both parents and children, so where possible, we aim to settle custody matters out of court. Consent Orders and Parenting Plans are arrangements that can be agreed to without attending court, and our family lawyers strongly support going this route where able.

Reach out to our affordable family lawyers to learn more about custody law and matters involving children.

Pets are a part of the family too. During a divorce, you may not initially be thinking about pet custody and visitation, but it’s an important factor to consider. The family law solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers are able to provide assistance with visitation and custody plans for your furry family members.

When a relationship ends, property may need to be redistributed or sold. Our property solicitors can provide assistance with a range of different matters, including property settlements and disputes. In the eyes of the law, property settlement is required to be fair and equitable, which doesn’t always mean the 50/50 split of an asset. For example, it may be decided that the person who is providing sole care of the children will require the larger house.

Several factors will need to be determined when identifying the assets of the relationship, and property solicitors can help with these matters. We will need to determine financial and non-financial contributions, each person’s needs, and decide if the proposed distribution is both equitable and fair.

While not all property settlement applications require commencement with the court, the court will need to seal the final consent orders. If you are commencing your property settlement with the court you will have 12 months from the date of divorce or for a de facto couple, 2 years from separation as your time limit. Consulting with an experienced separation lawyer may help you understand this process.

Property doesn’t just mean houses and apartments, it can also extend to cars, furniture, and non-physical assets such as shares, inheritances, and superannuation.

Get in touch with the Brisbane solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers for more information about asset distribution at the conclusion of a relationship.

Maintenance may need to be paid to a spouse after a separation or divorce. With spousal maintenance a person may be required to assist their spouse financially after a relationship ends. This generally occurs if the spouse’s income or assets will be falling short of their reasonable expenses. The maintenance responsibility may continue for a number of years after the separation or divorce has occurred, and the amount will vary depending on a number of factors.

Melrose Keys Lawyers are family lawyers offering assistance for both those looking to apply for spousal maintenance and those who are required to pay spousal maintenance. Book a free 10-minute phone consultation with a family law solicitor to find out more.

A financial agreement can be entered into at various stages of a relationship. There are several reasons why you may wish to consider getting an agreement drawn up by a family law solicitor, such as outlining who brought what into the relationship, and the agreed-upon method of division and distribution should a separation or divorce occur. They provide legal protection for parties of the relationship. Having clear private agreements that have been attended to by a family lawyer can then be defended and upheld in court.

Agreement for Financial division of assets can be done either through private arrangements or via Consent Orders of the Family Court. These agreements can be made by a family lawyer before, during, or after the resolution of a relationship, and require considerable legal knowledge and expertise.

Melrose Keys are your local family lawyers, capable of creating financial agreements for your relationship. We provide advice tailored to your circumstances, guiding you to make a decision that best fits your needs. Contact us today for a free 10-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

Let the estate solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers help you draft your Last Will and Testament documents. Our team is highly experienced in preparing wills. An experienced Brisbane lawyer can lend a hand with these complex documents. This includes walking you through each consideration to take into account the drafting, and ensuring it is all legal.
Craft your Will with hands-on support and advice from knowledgeable lawyers in Brisbane. Your Last Will and Testament documents will be created to clearly communicate your final wishes to your loved ones.

Planning an estate can feel like a bit of a daunting task. There are many important decisions that need to be made and doing it alone can be overwhelming. Our estate planning lawyers can help. We have extensive knowledge of estates and the laws surrounding them, providing you with comprehensive advice on the subject.

An estate plan will likely include more than just basic details on your final wishes. It can also cover items such as your general assets, trust assets, superannuation, life insurance, Last Will and Testament, and any other items you wish to include. As estate lawyers, Melrose Keys Lawyers are here to help you create all necessary documentation for your estate.

Our estate lawyers will help you every step of the way, from planning your estate to selecting an executor or executors, to drafting your Last Will and Testament, plus any other matters relating to the process.

Let us make the process easier for you. Get in touch with the estate solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers today for assistance with your estate planning.

Sometimes a loved one will pass away without creating a Will. This can be a difficult situation to navigate without the use of expert help and guidance. At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we encounter this frequently and understand what to do. Our family law firm is available to provide assistance and support in these circumstances.

Our lawyers in Brisbane are able to help executors and families with the administration of an estate. This includes obtaining a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court, where needed. The administration of an estate can be time-consuming. Assets and debts of the estate will need to be called in, the administration process includes the drawdown of share portfolios, and the sale of any property owned by the deceased. Along with this, insurance policies, registration, utilities, and any other services or subscriptions. All outstanding debts must be paid, and then the estate can be distributed amongst the named beneficiaries.

Contact Melrose Keys Lawyers for advice or assistance regarding estate administration.

An executor of a Will is the person or persons in charge of distributing the assets and items of an estate. They must distribute these assets and items as per the Last Will and Testament documentation. An executor may access the estate funds in order to pay off any outstanding debts or taxes of the deceased. Executors cannot change the nominated beneficiaries within a Will or barre persons from contesting a Will, they must comply with the outlined wishes of the deceased person.

Being an executor may mean extensive work and time, depending on the size and complexity of the estate. The estate solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers offer support and assistance for an executor of an estate. This may include providing advice, explaining the process, or helping with estate administration.

Another element to consider with an estate is that certain people may wish to make a claim against it. This could be a person who feels they were not adequately provided for, or someone who was left out of the Will entirely. Those who feel they have been left out of a Will or have been included but not given adequate provision may be able to apply for further provision through the Succession Act 1981. An experienced estate solicitor can provide advice and information if you find yourself in this situation.

Alternatively, as an executor, you may find yourself defending a claim against an estate. A family member may reach out upon hearing about the death of your loved one and make a claim or contest the Will. These claims – while a bit stressful – can often be settled out of court through the use of negotiation and expert advice.

Other claims may also be brought against an estate. This can include the claim that the testator did not have capacity to make the Will, or that the presented document is not the last Will and therefore invalid. Our Brisbane lawyers are available to help you navigate complex situations such as these, providing support and advice stemming from years of experience.

If you have questions regarding a Will or estate, contact us for a free 10-minute telephone consult with an estate solicitor.

A Power of Attorney authorises an appointed person (named your attorney) to act on your behalf for financial matters. It is a document that can be cancelled at any time. If you pass away or lose the ability to make decisions, the Power of Attorney ceases to operate.

For those that would like to assign a person to act on their behalf, even if their capacity to make decisions is lost, there’s the option of an enduring Power of Attorney. An enduring Power of Attorney allows a person to legally act on your behalf if you lose the capacity to make your own decisions or manage your financial affairs.

These are powerful documents that come with strict rules of regulation and accountability. An experienced estate lawyer can help you navigate the implementation and use of a Power of Attorney document.

Contact us for more information regarding Power of Attorney matters. Get clarity to your questions during our free 10-minute phone consultation and learn more about the procedures.

Guardianship may need to occur when a person loses the capacity to manage their own care. You might find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of how to proceed as a sibling or parent can no longer care for themselves. At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we can offer advice and assist you with the appointment of an Adult Guardian position, who is able to oversee both personal and health related matters.

As experienced Brisbane lawyers, we can also advise and assist with the administration for managing the nominated individual’s financial affairs. For this, an application to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) may be required.

Get in touch with the team at Melrose Keys Lawyers to begin the process of guardianship and/or administration.

Based in Kenmore, Melrose Keys Lawyers is a Brisbane law firm helping clients with their estate and Will needs. From Will drafting and estate planning to administration and claims against an estate, we have capable Brisbane lawyers available to assist. If you would like to find out more about the services our estate lawyers are able to provide, book in a free 10-minute telephone consultation.

Wills & Estates

A death in the family is a difficult time. The stress and sadness of losing a loved one can often be compounded with that of having to now handle an estate, particularly for the nominated executors. Melrose Keys Lawyers can provide assistance with Wills and estates, explaining the intricacies and legal jargon, and alleviating some of the added stress. We are estate solicitors in Kenmore, servicing Brisbane’s western suburbs and surrounds.

Why choose Melrose Keys Lawyers

Our law professionals, Adrian and Krissy have experience working within big firms and major public entities. As a firm, we understand the importance of professionalism and discretion. We aim to lessen stress levels of legal proceedings, with the intention of settling matters out of court where possible. At Melrose Keys Lawyers, you receive high-quality, personalised service at an affordable price.

Both of our lawyers have extensive experience working within the legal sphere. We are knowledgeable city lawyers that have chosen to go out on our own, opening a boutique law firm in Brisbane. Our areas of expertise include Wills and estates, estate planning matters, and family law. With such experience, you can rest assured your legal matters are in capable hands.

Whether it’s crafting a Will, explaining the steps of divorce proceedings, or handling claims against an estate, the knowledgeable family lawyers at Melrose Keys Lawyers can lend a hand.

As a boutique Brisbane law firm, Melrose Keys Lawyers provides personalised service for each of our clients. Our lawyers work closely with you to fully understand your unique circumstances. This personalised touch sets us apart, and helps us to provide you with appropriately tailored legal solutions.

At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we view each matter we work on as a personal partnership between you and us. You will be dealing directly with our principal lawyers Adrian and Krissy for all legal services, as they develop a unique understanding of your situation.

We know many of our clients lead busy lives, which is why we offer consultations and meetings outside of business hours. Our Brisbane lawyers can also come to you, to save you the trip out to our office in Kenmore. We can help clients in Chapel Hill, Brookfield, Ashgrove, The Gap, Mount Ommaney, Indooroopilly, Toowong, Upper Kedron, Chelmer, and all surrounding suburbs.

At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we believe open and honest communication is integral to a professional relationship. We like to use language that is easy to understand, rather than complex legal terms and jargon. When dealing with Melrose Keys Lawyers, you will always speak directly with your personal family or estate lawyer.

We support our clients through their difficult times with clear advice and an approachable attitude. We want you to feel you can reach out to us with any queries you have along the way. With many years of experience under their belts, the Brisbane solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers have a wealth of knowledge regarding family and estate law that they love to share.

Our Brisbane lawyers genuinely enjoy helping those we form a partnership with, and strive to make your legal experience as smooth as it can possibly be. We understand that court proceedings can mean added stress for our clients, and try to find solutions that keep matters out of court where possible.

We work to keep our costs down wherever possible. At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we know that mounting legal fees can be an added stressor for an already overwhelming time. Our Brisbane lawyers will provide an upfront cost at the beginning of the process, updating you with any changes or new cost estimates if your circumstances change. We prioritise honesty with our clients, making sure you are aware of our pricing for various services and assistance.

We believe every person is entitled to high-quality legal services at affordable rates. Our transparent solicitor prices mean you’ll know what to expect before commencing a partnership with us. This ensures everyone is on the same page, and feels comfortable before moving forward.

Book a full consultation

A full consultation is ideal for when you would like to discuss your situation in further detail with a knowledgeable Brisbane lawyer. During this 1-hour in-depth consult, you will receive thorough advice on the recommended steps you should take to reach a resolution for your matter. A full consult will cost $150, and you can choose to discuss your legal matter personally with either Adrian or Krissy.

Book your in-depth consultation session online with our Brisbane lawyers using our interactive calendar, or phone us to arrange a date and time for your session.

Frequently asked questions

Whether or not you need a lawyer for your legal matter will depend on a number of factors such as the complexity of your situation and the time you have available. Having a lawyer is often not a requirement. For example, you may choose to apply for divorce or for custody of children without a lawyer. A family lawyer is advised for circumstances with highly complicated legal proceedings, along with situations that involve high emotions, disagreements, or violence.

When named an executor of an estate, you might wish to enlist the support of an estate lawyer to provide assistance and advice with the tasks ahead. This could be particularly important for those short on time.

An estate or family lawyer can help you navigate the often-daunting legal landscape. Whether it’s family law or estate matters, the qualified Brisbane lawyers at Melrose Keys Lawyers are happy to assist.

In Queensland, you can nominate any person over the age of 18 to be the executor of your Will. Some people will choose to name a family member or close friend, while others may like a trained legal professional to be their executor. The choice is completely up to you. When a friend or family member, your executor will not find out about their role until your passing, unless you choose to tell them beforehand.

Seeking legal advice from an experienced Brisbane lawyer before selecting your executor will ensure you’re fully aware of what the role entails, allowing you to make an informed decision.

The role of the executor of a Will primarily involves accessing and distributing an estate. An executor must distribute the assets and items of an estate to those nominated within the Last Will and Testament. They will also be able to access an estate to pay any outstanding debts or taxes, plus insurance policies, utilities, and registrations. Executors will include the drawdown of share portfolios and the sale of any properties owned by the deceased.

This process can be lengthy and time consuming, which is why you may like to bring on professional support if you find yourself a named executor of a Will. A knowledgeable estate lawyer such as those at Melrose Keys Lawyers can provide this support, offering expert advice to executors. Our estate lawyers will lay out all that needs to be completed for an estate, walking you through each step and handling those you are too busy to personally complete.

A family lawyer can provide assistance for a range of legal matters, including divorce and separation, child custody, pet visitation, and the creation of Binding Financial and Prenuptial Agreements. We can also assist you with spousal maintenance matters and property settlements and distribution. Whether you’re experiencing a complex family breakdown, or wish to create a Binding Financial Agreement between yourself and your partner, the Brisbane family lawyers at Melrose Keys Lawyers can provide expert advice and assistance.

Estate lawyers are available to help with a variety of legal matters. They can provide advice for Will drafting and estate planning, or guidance to those who discover they have been named an executor of an estate. With many years of experience handling estate matters, the team of Brisbane lawyers at Melrose Keys are here to help.

An estate lawyer can support persons who have been elected as executors to pay any outstanding debts and taxes, sell property, drawdown shares, and distribute the Will according to the deceased’s final wishes. We provide assistance throughout each step, so you know how to proceed.

We are also able to help with items such as obtaining a Grant of Probate, or if you discover a family member has passed away without leaving a will.

Contact us for a free 10-minute phone consultation to find out how our estate lawyers could help your situation.

The amount of time a divorce takes to be finalised depends on the complexity of the situation and whether or not matters proceed to court. Our divorce solicitors can give you a more accurate time frame after assessing your situation. At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we strive to keep matters out of court wherever possible, seeking amicable solutions that work for all parties involved.

Before applying for a divorce, you will need to have been separated for a minimum of 12 months. This can include being separated but living under the one roof. For a divorce to proceed, you must be able to prove there is no likelihood of reconciliation, as per the Australian Family Law Court. Once a divorce has been applied for, it will take between three to six months for the request to be processed. If the matter ends up going to court, this timeline will likely be extended.

A divorce solicitor provides guidance for individuals experiencing a separation or family breakdown. We can explain the steps for divorce proceedings and offer support.

This will again depend on your specific circumstances. Property settlements are determined by the Family Law Court on a case-by-case basis. This is done to keep distribution fair and equitable. A range of considerations will play a role In property settlements, including who brought the assets into the relationship and who will be the primary carer of the children. A knowledgeable family lawyer will be able to guide you through the property settlement process.
Spousal maintenance may need to be paid after a divorce or separation. This maintenance exists to provide financial assistance to a spouse if their income or assets fall short of their reasonable expenses. The responsibility of spousal maintenance may continue for a considerable amount of time following the dissolution of the relationship. If you would like to learn more about your legal requirements for paying spousal maintenance, contact the experienced divorce solicitors at Melrose Keys Lawyers. Strict time limits apply so please contact us as a priority.
At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we provide legal support to those across the Brisbane west and inner-city suburbs. Based in Kenmore, we can assist clients in Brookfield, Ashgrove, Chapel Hill, The Gap, Mount Ommaney, Indooroopilly, Toowong, Upper Kedron, Chelmer, and all surrounding suburbs. Our Brisbane lawyers are also happy to travel to you for a meeting to save you coming out to our office. For those who are busy during business hours, we also offer after hours meeting times.
Of course. Our experienced Brisbane solicitors are always happy to provide their knowledge. If you have a quick question you would like the answer to, or wish to find out if our services suit your needs, book in for a free 10-minute phone consultation with us. Alternatively, you can book an in-depth consultation with our family and estate lawyers, and we will provide thorough advice on your matter.