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We’re a family law firm supporting families through the process of estate planning, administering estates, and through gaining a Grant of Probate through the Queensland Supreme Court where required.

Brisbane Estate Lawyers
to Ease the Stress

Planning your estate or drafting your will can be extremely stressful. There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made and it can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s where our estate lawyers come in. We’re committed to supporting and creating a comfortable environment for our clients. With our vast knowledge of estates and the laws around them and our highly experienced lawyers, we can ease the stress and create an easier process for you.

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Transparent & Approachable Lawyers

Our estate lawyers will always speak in a language you can understand. No complex legal terms or jargon. You’ll always speak directly to your lawyer too, not a junior lawyer or assistant.

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Affordable Estate Services

While we’re always working to keep our costs down where we can, we understand that legal fees can be stressful. We’ll offer you an upfront cost from the beginning, and we’ll keep you updated with new cost estimates as your circumstances change.

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Supportive & Personalised Service

We understand that it’s not very pleasant to plan your estate, your will, or deal with the administration that comes with the passing of a loved one. We work to support you throughout the process and we’ll personalise our services to you.

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Estate Planning Lawyers Brisbane

Planning your estate is a more certain way to ensure all of your final wishes are met. It can cover items such as your superannuation, life insurance, your Last Will and Testament, trust assets, general assets, and a variety of other items you may want to consider. Our estate lawyers can work with you to create all the necessary documentation and ensure it ticks all those legal boxes.

Will Executors & Estate Administration Brisbane

If you’ve been elected as the executor of a will or a loved one has passed away without a will, we can support you. Working with you to complete all the necessary steps and documentation, whether you’re administering the estate or you’re the executor of the will, our lawyers can help you navigate the legal process. You may need to obtain a Grant of Probate or deal with the payment of outstanding debts and taxes.

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Claims Against the Estate

Are you trying to contest a will? Our estate lawyers are highly experienced in working with individuals to contest wills and make claims against estates. We can work with you to firstly decide whether or not you’re eligible to contest the will and then walk you through the legal proceedings involved.

Will Lawyers

If you’re not in need of full estate planning, and would prefer to simply draft your Last Will and Testament documents, we can work with you to complete this too. We’re highly experienced in the preparation of wills. These can be fairly complex documents, so you will benefit from having a lawyer help you through each consideration, the drafting, and making it all legal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The executor is the person left in charge of administering the deceased’s will. The executor’s responsibilities may include gathering and distributing the deceased’s assets (in accordance with their will), ensuring outstanding debts are paid, and carrying out any specified funeral arrangements.

In Queensland, anyone over the age of 18 years-old can be the executor of a will. It’s common to choose a relative as the executor or to choose a trained legal professional. However, it’s important to seek legal advice prior to selecting your executor. This way you can ensure your final wishes are detailed correctly and will be met.

Generally, the ability to access and distribute your estate. They’ll have access to your estate, from which they’re able to distribute assets and items to those who’ve been set out in your Last Will and Testament. Your executor will also have the ability to access your estate to pay off outstanding debts or taxes. 

The executor of a will can not change the beneficiaries of a will or stop beneficiaries from contesting the will.

Estate lawyers walk you through the process of planning your estate, selecting an executor, drafting your Last Will and Testament, and other matters that may relate to your estate or final wishes. Estate lawyers can also support those who’ve been elected as executors of the estate to pay outstanding debts, taxes, and distribute the will accordingly. We can help with other items such as obtaining a Grant of Probate or if a family member has passed away without a will.

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Our in-depth consultation is an initial consultation where we will discuss your situation in detail and provide thorough advice on the next steps you should take to resolve your matter. (Family Law Consultations may cost $150 for the hour – discuss with Adrian or Krissy).

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About Us

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At Melrose Keys Lawyers, we understand how stressful it can be to plan your estate or your will. We also understand how stressful it can be for the family members left behind who have the responsibility of carrying out these wishes. So, when you partner with us, our lawyers will work to take the stress out of the process and make it a better experience for everyone involved. We do this by prioritising communication and transparency, creating a comfortable environment, and by working to keep our services affordable for you.