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Will Lawyer Brisbane

Our Brisbane will lawyers are highly experienced in the preparation of wills and in estate planning and administration. We’re committed to creating a comfortable space for our clients while we work together to plan your will.

Will Lawyer Brisbane

There are a variety of factors to consider when writing a will. From the obvious items like your home and your assets, through to more complex considerations, like children or pets — there will often be difficult decisions to make. As well as who will care for any dependents and where your assets will go, you will need to consider whether you’ll leave funeral instructions, who will be your enduring power of attorney should you get sick, and who will take on the role of your executor.

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Will Preparation

Professional will preparation offers you peace of mind. Wills can be highly complex, legal documents that may have many legal and technical parameters around them. It can also be an overwhelming process and it can be highly beneficial to have an impartial party to assist you. We can work through all the considerations with you and draft your will for you.

It’s important to keep your will up to date as well. As your lifestyle changes, as well as the lifestyles of your loved ones, your needs and final wishes may change.

Wills and Estates

Highly experienced in wills, your will lawyer will also have a comprehensive knowledge of estates and estate planning. We can work with you to not only draft your will but plan your estate accordingly. This might include who will execute your estate, choosing and appointing an enduring power of attorney, review of companies or trust accounts, and the creation of advanced health directives. We can also hold wills, power of attorney, and advanced health directives for safe keeping.

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Will Executors & Estate Administration

If you’ve been appointed as an executor for a loved one’s estate, you’re obligated to administer their estate. This may require you to acquire the Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court of Queensland and you may be required to provide a full inventory of the estate, as well as an account of their administration. Executors may also be required to lodge any relevant tax returns, use the estate to pay off outstanding debts, or prepare financial statements. Organisation of the funeral may fall to you as well.

Will Disputes

If you’re disputing a will, we can help you navigate this process. Contesting a will can be a complicated process. According to Queensland laws, you can contest a will if the deceased:
• Did not have the capacity to make a will when it was signed
• Made the will under the influence of others
• Or, if a claimant believes they’re entitled to more of the deceased’s estate than was received.

We can work with you to assess whether your claim is viable and work with you to negotiate and contest the will.

family lawyers kenmore

Family Law Questions

Not technically no. However, preparing your will without the help of an experienced will lawyer can be difficult, due to the number of considerations, particularly if you have a lot of assets. To prepare a will that will hold up in court, make your final wishes as clear as they need to be, and won’t be subject to misinterpretation, it is best to plan your will with a lawyer’s help.

These are the main items you will need to consider before writing your will:

  • Any dependent children
  • Pets
  • Your assets
  • Important or cherished items
  • Who will be your executor (the person who carries out your wishes)
  • Who will be the beneficiaries
  • Your funeral instructions
  • Will you need an enduring power of attorney

The Supreme Court of Queensland.

Often, the terms wills and estates will be used intermittently as though they mean the same thing. Wills and estate planning have many similarities, however they’re not the same. Your will is just one part of your estate planning. Your will will set out your final wishes, such as where your property and assets will go and who will care for any children. Estate planning also incorporates considerations such as your power of attorney, your health directive, and other items that might need to be factored in.

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Our Family Law Firm Brisbane

family lawyers kenmore

Our family law firm is highly experienced in wills and estate planning and are able to work with Brisbane families to prepare their Last Will & Testament documents. We understand that planning your will isn’t going to be the most pleasant experience for you. Our will lawyers work to create a comfortable environment for you while we work to draft up your will with you. 

Our will lawyers will communicate with you in plain English, not complicate things with legal jargon. You’ll find our lawyers to be open, transparent, and approachable.